Saturday, March 17, 2012

Santa Cruz

     I remember only a few things about this town.  First, we were making this trip up "as we go," and we found lodging by getting off of a jeepney and walking until we found one.  Because it was off-season, we got a good rate, the place was deserted and, so, we had the pools all to ourselves.  Second, after settling in our room a few hours, we decided to catch a jeepney and head into town to grab a beer and some sisig and to just see what's up.  We found a small eatery that had what we wanted, but the town was like a ghost town... where everything dies after the sun goes down.  While there, we felt entertained while the (as he seemed to us) the very loud (Hey Everyone, I'm here!) town girly boy was there.  Actually, he was kinda cute, even if he was LOUD.

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